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Setup a Location

  1. Select "Admin" from the menu bar and click on "Account Management¯"

  2. From the menu tree on the left, click on ¯"Locations"¯.

  3. Click on the ¯"Add New Location"¯ link.

Location- Profile Setup

Location Information

  1. Enter the location name in the field provided. The location name will appear on various pages displayed to both staff and customers.

  2. (Optional) Enter the location code (if applicable).

  3. (Optional) Enter the company name you would like to appear on the credit card consent form in the "Legal Name" field. 

  4. Enter the location street and city/town using the fields provided.

  5. Select a province or state from the "Province/State" drop down list. 

  6. Enter a postal code or ZIP code into the "Postal Code/ZIP" field. 

  7. Select a country from the "Country"¯ drop down list.

  8. Enter a telephone number and fax number in the designated fields.

  9. Select the time zone for the location from the "¯Time Zone"¯ drop down list.

  10. Select the locale from the "Locale"¯ drop down list. Note: The locale is the language for localization.

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Location Customization

  1. (Optional) If the location offers services off-site, click the "Out Call Location" flag to setup off-site locations. See Setup out call site for details.

  2. (Optional) To preset gratuity on services sold, enter the percentage number in the designated field.

  3. (Optional) Select the check box ¯Guarantee Booking¯ to display the credit card options when scheduling individual and group appointments.

  4. (Optional) Select the check box ¯Guarantee Wait list to display the credit card options when scheduling wait list appointments.

  5. (Optional) Click on the box next to ¯Booking Disclaimer¯ and type in the booking disclaimer text. The booking disclaimer will be displayed on the "Confirm Appointment" window when booking an appointment. The booking disclaimer will appear beneath the "Terms and Conditions" section.  

  6. (Optional) Click on the box next to ¯Itinerary Disclaimer¯ and type in the itinerary disclaimer text. The itinerary disclaimer will be displayed on the service itinerary given to the customer and will also appear in emails sent to the customer.

  7. The re-confirmation period is used to remind the spa staff of appointments that need to be re-confirmed. Using the "Reconfirmation Period", enter the number of hours (prior to the appointment) before a reminder needs to be sent to the customer.

  8. (Optional) This flag is used to allow clients to book appointments online at this location.  Click the "Online booking enabled" check box to enable this location.  Otherwise, leave unchecked.  See Web book management for more details.

  9. This flag is used to determine the cost of products (purchase price, not retail price).  To specify a different product cost for this location click the "Use Location Cost" check box.  Otherwise, leave it unchecked and the cost will be determined based on the general cost not location specific cost.  Note: If this flag is checked but no cost is specified for the location in Product Maintenance, the cost will default to "0". See Product Maintenance for more details.  

  10. Select the Use Average Cost for On Hand Inventory checkbox to calculate the cost of ending inventory and the cost of goods sold based on the weighted average cost per unit of inventory. 
    Important: Ensure that the Use Location Cost checkbox is enabled if you want the average cost price to automatically reflect each time you raise/receive/transfer a PO or sell and process returns. If this setting is not enabled, then the cost price entered in the product profile is considered (Admin > Product Maintenance > Search and select the product name > price entered in the Unit Cost field is used).
    Note: You cannot enable this setting if there are negative on-hand inventory amounts for any product. Book4Time recommends that you perform a physical count of inventory to ensure the on-hand quantities are accurate.

  11. In the "IP Restriction" field, enter the IP address restriction to enable access to the system from specific computers only.  TIP: To find out what your ip address is, open the internet browser and search "what is my ip address".  A digit will appear (i.e. 12.345.678.90).  Enter the ip address in the first field.  If the ip address is static then enter "" in the second field.  To find out if you have a static ip address search for your ip address again the next day.  If it is the same address as the first day, then it is static.  If it is different, then enter "" in this second field.

Note: To override the IP restriction for a specific user group, see Security settings .

  1. Click the ¯Continue¯ button. The Operation Hours page will open.

Location- Operation Hours Setup

  1. Click on the ¯Open¯ check box () next to each day of the week to indicate which days the business is open.

  2. To select the open and close times, click on  next to each day. A drop down list (of times) will open. Click on the time. Note: This will be the default time displayed when creating technician work schedules

  3. Click the ¯Finish¯ button.

    Note: Once a location is added, the security rights for each user must be adjusted to allow security access to view the location.

Location- User Setup

  1. From the same Account Management page, click on Users¯.

  2. Click on the user group.

  3. Click on the user name.

  4. Click on the "Locations" tab.

  5. Click the ¯"Edit" button.

  1. Click on the check box () next to the new location and click the Finish¯ button.

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